Instructions (read first!)


All Tickets have SOLD OUT! We're so sorry you missed out. Please sign up for the waitlist in case of any last minute cancellations.

If you wish to apply for work exchange but have not done so already, please click here and fill out 

the application. Please DO THIS FIRST, and wait until you are assigned a role AND provided a DISCOUNT CODE, before registering here.

You may register for:

  • All 8 Days (Friday to Saturday, June 14-22)
  • The first 4 days (Friday to Tuesday, June 14-18)
  • The last 4 days (Tuesday to Saturday, June 18-22)

If you are staff and you have received permission to sign up for a non-standard option, you will need a special staff password to do so. Please discuss this with your NCDC contact.

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